Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Dr Who Convention

London saw the 50th anniversary of Dr Who. The event was held in one of London`s main arena`s in the docklands. Spread out over a mass of exhibition halls. There was lots to see and do including the costumes, K9,s many of the monsters old and new. Make up sets and many shows including Eric Norton and the scarey Dr Who aliens. The main event was the 2 x stage shows. Everyone lucky enough to have a ticket were divided into 2 groups, we where the weeping angels. We were ushered into a huge arena. Onto the stage came the Dr`s old and new spanning many generations. The ones I remember from my childhood are Tom Baker and Peter Davidson. The show`s spoke of the past and present of Dr Who. It was quite amusing to listen to and to watch. The Daleks were as scary as usual. They often sent a shiver up my spine when I was a child. The day went ever so quickly, with tired feet from all the walking around, we headed back home. It was a day to remember and a part we played in the history of this great TV series. 

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