Saturday, March 15, 2014

Exploring When Its Dark

Its dark outside the moon is bright and the star do shine. Its time to go exploring. With the dog on his lead, torches in hand and reflector jackets for the lanes off Aaron & I went. Out to explore in the darkness. Another world comes alive at dusk rabbit, owls mice, badgers and foxes spring to life as us daytime creatures start to rest our weary heads upon our pillows.
So off Aaron and I trotted under the up and coming moonlight for a stroll in the dark. Its amazing how creepy places feel,you know the one`s that in daylight seems so innocent. How a tree branch high up in the tree suddenly turns into the ghostly figure once the sky has blackened and the moonlight lights it up into a distorted shape.
Our walk took us up the old railway line towards the derelict cottage. Walking at a steady place. Shuffles coming through the bushes as the night time creatures scurry away at the sounds of our boots treading ground. 
We stop and listen. Once dark your hearing becomes far more alert your body awakens to every slight sound. In the distance not to far away the sound of the owl we hear as he hoots leaving his nest, his place of safety out on his nightly duties to collect food for himself and his family.
Walking back we can hear the sound of the river trickling along the banks within the countryside that surrounds it. Water scurrying along on its journey to rivers beyond, heading towards the oceans so deep. The night sky with the full moon beams down upon the water creating a shadow of watery reflection. Its such a beautiful place to live to be. 
We did not stay out to long as Simon and Nana would worry we knew that but our walk in the dark was just lovely. We live in one of the most beautiful places in the whole of the UK. We do not appreciate what we have on our doorstep sometimes. It is like being on holiday ever day. On sunny days  and moonlit nights it makes you think and feel how lucky we are to be alive to enjoy it. 

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