Tuesday, March 1, 2011

What A Week Swimming & Scout Acheivements

Aaron has had such a good week. He has been working towards his scout badges on aviation and model making. After a visit to Cosford Air over half term ( this will be another blog in the NR future ) he was given a short exam on the subject of aircraft which he passed impressively.

Another badge he has earned in model making.

Aaron built up a range of models. one of which was made of Lego, this was of a technical model of the Halo warthog. He did really well with this.

The other was an airfix model of a super marine spitfire. This was built, painted and stickers applied within a couple of days.

The next achievement Aaron succeed in was his Seal One in Life Saving. This all makes me very proud of Aaron After all he has been through in his short life he plough`s forward doing the best he can.

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