Saturday, March 5, 2011

Ty Mawr Country Park Animals & River Walk

A lovely spring morning saw us heading for a walk. From Ty Mawr Country, we walked to the canal viaduct at Trevor.
Ty Mawr has a range of farmyard animals, form ducks to geese and sheep to donkeys. As we strolled a long the animals were happy to say hello.
Before long we headed down to the river. Here we let the dogs off there leads for a while till Fred waded into something nasty.
The rivers have been high recently I was surprise to see how high the River Dee had been over the previous weeks. Drift wood could be seen high in the tree`s along we huge tree trunks that has been sweeped down stream.
All in all it was a lovely morning, just fine for a nice morning out in the crisp fresh spring air. We hope you enjoy the photographs below.

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