Sunday, March 27, 2011

Fab Weekend @ Haven -- Greenaches March 2011

Recently we stayed at Greenaches Black Rock nr Portmadog North Wales.

These photo1s were taken on the park and at Black Rock Sands.

We had a lovely time on the beach at sunset. Some of the photo,s taken here are my favourites.

Both Aaron and Simon had a good time playing ball I joined in too !!!

Both the boys had a good time as you can see. We played pool and air hockey.

Sunset beach.

We watched a few shows in the show bar. Including a band from Liverpool called Too The Max. These sang a range of songs spreading across the decades 70,s 80,s & 90,s to date.

There was a comedian on one night whom had us in stitches. I have never seen us laugh so much in a long time. Aaron and I also went swimming whilst Simon sat at pool side. He was allowed in due to his recent cancer operation.

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