Sunday, December 19, 2010


Recently quite a few of us headed to The Green for a meal. After having out fill we were them entertained by the fantastic drag queen Shagger. Dressing as the women in huge high healed wedges and skimpy ladies outfits he towers above his audience.
The night also has a karaoke, along with some of the locals including Julie, Mostyn and Clive, Simon`s son and step son both got up to sing. The picture`s below are not brilliant there from my phone and the lighting wasn't good bit sure you can set the scene viewing them.
Shagger comes highly recommended but his is not for the faint hearted of the easily offended.

Above - changing from a women to a man
Below - Jake Simons`s step son

Above - Callum Simon`s son being brave
Below - Shagger

Above - Shagger with Callum
Below - Simons step son Jack, Simon`s son Nathan, Dave Emily`s boyfriend, Emily, Simon`s step daughter

Above - Sarah, not forgetting FRINGE LOL, she`ll no what I mean
Below - Simon

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