Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Day - Our Christmas

Christmas day started early. Aaron opened his mass of presents slowly. He got many things he wanted including Xbox games, DVD`s clothes + books. He had a great day.

Simon got me some wonderful presents which i am thrilled with. We all opened lots including the nannies.

Simon + I prepared Christmas dinner together peeling, chopping + cooking the veg. We had some visitor`s for dinner, between us we made a lovely Christmas dinner which everyone enjoyed.

Soon after dinner we gave Nana Dotty a special present. Nana Dotty is very fond of the milkman LOL. We found her a sexy Mrs Santa.
Well sexy Mrs Santa sings " Santa baby" ( which Aaron quickly changed to Milkman baby ) The sexy Mrs Santa looks like Nana Dotty and also opens her coat to reveal a sexy outfit.
Well we all were doubled over in laughter. Nana Dotty adores her toy.
Santa also came to visit the animals, they all received a special Christmas treat. Jingle our miniature stallion got a mint lick. Fred & Reggie our dogs got breather fresheners and dog biscuits. The cat`s Sooty and Pudding got cat biscuits. Jake the parrot got a seed bell. Bonnie & Clyde the rats got nibble nuts and corn hangers. Below are some photo`s of my lovely creature`s.

Notice the smiling dog`s

Pudding above is near 20 yrs old. She officially belongs to one of our not so close neighbours. Godfrey had two cats mother and Pudding the daughter pictured above. When Pudding`s mother died 18 mths ago she refused to back home. Godfrey was happy to let my mum who is in her 80`s have her. He came to see Pudding over Christmas to say hello.

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