Sunday, June 13, 2010

Moreton Shore - Partner`s In Crime 20 yr Reunion

We took Fred for a walk along Moreton Shore recently. Leaving the car near the cafe we walked along the sea front towards the lighthouse.

It was a special day, as recently thanks to face book a very old friend and I got in touch. Mandy I have known all my life for the last few weeks we have spent hours on the phone catching up with each other.
We have shared many tears. Walking towards the lighthouse, I saw a familiar face in the distance. Tears welled as we remembered the last time we saw each other all those years ago. I cant even explain how I just disappeared out of my best friends life all those years ago, only a few short months after my dad`s death and my split from my childhood sweetheart Paul.
Francis has since explained how I was isolated from my friends by the person who was going to become my abuser for many years. I can see now how my life was back then, and why it happened.

Mandy, Aaron and I spent the day together, I no now I will never lose my best friend out of my life again. Neither of us will let that happen again. The future is going to be very colourful no that Mandy is back in my life, as children we were like partner`s in crime joined at the hip.
This year my life as changed so much, for the better. I am no longer stuck in the rut anymore. Also no longer dragged down by men with mental health problems.
I have not only found Mandy but also many of my old friends from years ago. Which I am thrilled over. Aaron and I have done lots of traveling and visited many new places. My fitness levels have improved back to how I was before Dan died. I am also now a healthy size 12 / 14 but still have the chest that turns heads.
I do a vast amount of walking, swimming and martial art`s love my new fun filled life. Although form time to time certain people try to put me down with there vile comments and nature mainly picking on a innocent child.
That just shows the mentality of some men that live in Liverpool but then again this one is one of a kind. Very twisted and messed up in the head.
Anyway you no who you are, guess what I don't care anymore what you say, I no you are far from worth it and this is your very big loss and my very lucky escape form a man who was hiding behind a false front. Hiding a very dark sinister side of his personality which is vile beyond words.
We are looking forward to a future of fun. You did me a favour. You made me see the light.

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