Sunday, June 13, 2010

Marley & Me

This poor dog turned up at our house after getting lost. We called him Marley, a big black lab. After informing the police, vets and dog warden we decided to let him stay with us till his owners were traced. It didn't seem fair to him to be put into kennels.
He was living with us for 3 days before his owner traced him. We took him to Chirk car boot in our landrover with Fred our dog.
He was a fab dog we later found out his name from Clay. He lived in the Highlands. His owner was so grateful he was safe. Aaron has been told he can visit Clay anytime.
He was the lucky one only a few days before I dog was hit during the night, the village woke up to the shattered body laying in the road, we covered her up until her owner came to collect her. So sad.

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