Saturday, August 5, 2017

Langjokull Glacier - Into The Glacier Iceland

What an amazing time we had at this truly magical place inside the Langjokull Glacier. Off we went in huge trucks left there during the war. These all terrain vehicles could climb anything in there way. As we went up the glacier the surrounding area was a total white out. Quite a scary adventure except with the guides putting us at ease.
It was bitterly cold up on the glacier as we gathered outside to take photos the snow fluffier came down in blizzard force. With a warning not to go to far away we wandered about before gathering composer to enter the ice cave on Langjokull Glacier. 
The sights we saw where amazing the ice chapel where many a brave bride had ventured in a skimpy wedding dress. The ice filled with black lines of the ash that fell during the volcanic eruptions. 
We all loved every minute walking the caverns of the ice cave. This is defiantly something to put on your bucket list.

The Black lines within the ice are black ash from volcanic eruptions 

The Ice Chapel

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