Saturday, August 5, 2017

The Icelandic Horse ... Iceland Trekking

A dream come true, I have always wanted to ride an Icelandic horse, wow was I in for a treat. The only horses on the Island of Iceland are the Icelandic horse no other horses are allowed on the Island and if an Icelandic horse goes off the Island they are not allowed back. These horses are unique pure bred. They also have an unique gait as the horses throughout the world trot diagonally the Icelandic horse trots with a gait as if it is on skies, both legs on either side go at the same time they do not trot with the diagonal gait as I was used to.
I was given a 25 year old horse called Hemme, he was a gorgeous dun horse with dorsal stripe. I loved him, he was ever so friendly and a real gentle man around 14hh. 
To think I used to vault onto a horse many years ago in my younger days it was a performance trying to get on. After smashing my leg up years ago no one can touch it so a leg up is out of the question a mounting block is the answer.  After scrambling into the saddle riding became a natural once again. 
We went on a two hour trek amongst the hills, and glaziers of Iceland, we followed tracks and quite lanes seeing waterfalls and lots of wildlife on the way. It was amazing and considering the coldness of Iceland the warmth of the horse kept us warm on our travels.
I taught Aaron to ride some years ago so he was a natural the faster the horse went with him the more he enjoyed it. The Icelandic horse is very sure footed. We did have a good laugh Simon was like a sack of spuds, it wasn't the best idea him riding as he found it quite painful but overall we all enjoyed it.
Finishing our trip to the riding stables we where treated to hot soup and bread rolls. It was a fantastic day loved every minute.
I must admit I burst in to tears having to leave Hemme this beautiful Icelandic horse really stole a piece of may heart in the few hours I spent with him. I hope one day I get the chance to meet him again.  Love to my Hemme. 

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