Monday, July 9, 2012

RAF Cosford & The Motorbikes

A cloudy but also sunny day saw us heading for RAF Cosford with a car full of teenagers. Today there was a bike run coming in from Birmingham in aid of the air ambulance. RAF Cosford is a good day out on its own but the bike run added to the days adventures. On reaching Cosford all the teens were off on their own leaving Simon and me to wander around at our leisure. Off course our first stop was at the coffee shop, after a chocolaty cappuccino we headed off around the hangers looking at all the planes and RAF memorabilia with interest. 
Later in the day the bikes started to arrive in their hundreds, over 600 in total. I was shocked to see my old bike amongst them my Zephyr 1100. It now has a fairing on the front but the registration number gave it away. It is still in good condition just the way I remembered it. I still have my Yamaha 500 Virago to this day   it is still immaculate as when I bought it many years ago.
Looking around the bikes was good, so  many old retro bikes and many unusual ones amongst them. The teens also enjoys not just the boys but the little biker chick blond who is itching to have her own bike. Not sure how her mum will feel about that !
All in all it was  a good cheap day out Cosford is recommended  to all especially with the summer holidays coming up.   

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