Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Chester Zoo

We had the most wonderful day out at Chester Zoo. Heading there early in the morning we met up with Simon`s 2 children Callum and Nathan.       Happy Birthday Nath ;-D  
We also met up with Nathan`s wife Laura and baby Harrison. Next to arrive was Laura`s mum and dad, brother his girlfriend and Harrison`s soon to be godmother. 
Firstly we saw the elephant `s, there were two youngsters among the herd. One elephant was a year younger then me. Moving on we saw the Vulture, before ending up in the Butterfly house.
In the butterfly house we saw some beautiful butterflies some having lunch on cut up fruit. Next stop was the Jaguar house, we were lucky enough to see  the big cats today. Moving on again we went into the orang-outang house here we took some wonderful photographs. Next was the flamingo and the penguins. 
Time for lunch -
Lions, giraffes, opiki, wild boar were next. The tropical house was next along with the chimps. The chimps always aim to please as they did some of the most silliest things. The new exhibition was good it was Dinosaur land. Here life size dinosaurs were on display all fully moving with mechanical parts.
Crossing over the bat bridge we watched the cheetahs below on the prowl. Then we entered the dark and magisterial  bat house. Bats fly free within the darkness, this is a great place for children to learn about how different types of animals mammals live their lives.
Outside we strolled the paddocks filled with types of deer, bears, zebra, ostrich, rhino and even an new exhibition of painted dogs. These wild dogs looked a handful rather like coloured wolves. We also saw many types of birds and more monkeys on our travels.
With tired feet it was time to leave after spending a wonderful day at one of my favourite places. Aaron and I have some wonderful memories of our previous days out at the zoo. It was lovely to look back at our happy times there with Daniel.
A short time later we headed to the pub for a meal to celebrate Nathan`s birthday. Here we met up with some of Simon`s stepchildren Roo, Jack, Sam and Catherine Jacks girlfriend. We relaxed had a lovely meal before heading home.
What a fab day with our family :-)   X

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