Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Kensington Palace & Gardens Plus Other London Views

Here are some wonderful sights off around London. The architectural detail on the buildings and sculptures are just so  wonderful. Walking through Kensington gardens is a welcomed break to the streets filled with stop start cars and people just rushing from A to B.
Strolling around we saw a helicopter coming in to land then off it went again taking off beyond the walls of Kensington Palace. The palace itself is a beautiful building with many windows from which an inquisitive royal can inspect the public wandering around the parkland gardens.
Wandering back towards the Royal Albert Hall we came across a little fellow who was not by no means worried he was being watched by myself. I managed to get some lovely snaps of him as he chewed upon his nuts.
I really enjoyed this steady wander around the park. Its an easy walk relatively flat paths. The only thing you have to be wary of is the amount of bicycle`s being rode around the park. 
There is a delightful tea room within the gardens where you can stop for a well earned cuppa.

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