Saturday, January 15, 2011

Ten Pin Bowling

Early morning we headed to a birthday party day out. First stop was the Venue @ Park Hall near Oswestry. Here a group of use enjoyed playing a game of ten pin bowling. The children had one lane whist the adults played on another.
It has been a while since we have played but we got into the swing of things quite quickly. Both Simon and I had a lovely time.
Aaron played with the younger children doing well in the first round without using the side bars.
After the game we all headed off to the Miners Arms in Morda were the party continued. He a lovely yummy buffet was laid out. The children again enjoyed playing games of pool.
Later in the afternoon we headed off to visit some of Simon`s children. Calling in on 3 of them we also discussed plans for alteration to our house. Which I am looking forward to, this house is going to look fantastic when the work is done.
Coming home we settled in front of the TV chilling out it had been a long day.

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