Sunday, July 2, 2017

Leisurely Stroll From Wychnor To Alrewas

A beautiful spring morning took us for a little walk near to where we stayed on a short break away from home. 
This walk is from Wychnor Park to Alrewas which is located in Staffordshire.  
Leaving the hotel we took a steady walk along the lane. This walk is totally on the flat level which is ideal.
Reaching Church Lane we took a right turn. This lane was the gateway to Wychnor medieval village, more so the remaining evidence upon the mound which could be reached by a kissing gate. The gate is opposite the old church of St Leonards, I really enjoy visiting old buildings this church had some age.
Hoping through the kissing gate and walking across the field, you then cross the stile no to the canal.

Turning right you walk across many a bridge each one owe us a wide variety of wildlife. from dragonflies, caterpillars, canadian geese, ducks, cows & sheep.
This is a very gentle walk. 
we crossed many a bridge, lochs till we came to a humped back bridge. Here was wandered under it them came to another old church, this church is also quite old. 
We then wandered up into the village of Alrewas  stopping off for some lunch in a lovely little pub King Richard. The pub was a quant little hidaway which sold lovely food.
To get back  to destination all you do is re tread the steps you already have.   A walk full of wildlife and tranquility. Good for the mind and good for the soul. 
Hope you enjoy the photos  

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