Sunday, June 21, 2015

Fathers Day

Aaron had a special surprise for his step dad today a box of goodies. Simon has been poorly for a week he was meant to be hospitalised but refused to go. The is a man of pure spirit fighting the cancer without much complaining. Simon is a man in a million. He has a loving family behind him and some truly beautiful grandchildren. We spent the morning exploring the local car boot sales before heading back for the F1. Well done Nico but sad to see Lewis in second place. 
Then later spent the afternoon with some of Simons children and grandchildren. Great to see them all.
Its been a lovely happy day. 

To my dad in Heaven, 
Happy Fathers Day 
he left us Christmas Day 1989, 25 years ago aged 65
Bless Him 
And to Terry Mchugh, Aaron other granddad who died many years ago in Liverpool aged only 49 years.
I know you both would have been so very proud of your grandson Aaron.
RIP Granddads  XXXX 

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