Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Little Dan Turns 18 Yrs Old

23rd April 2015

Today our little Dan would have reached his 18th Birthday.
It's hard to believe it's 18 years ago I heard him first scream and he caused mass hysteria in the special care unit at Shrewsbury hospital.
After a horrific time in the early days this little chap fought all the odds and lived for 10 yrs.
His death was a shock for all that new him.
Today we will be celebrating his 10 yrs of the life in our own happy way still can't quite believe he would have been 18.
I only wish he was here on this earthly plane  to celebrate  his 18 th birthday with us.
Tonight the stars will be bright, the heavens will be singing and dancing. Harps will be making sweet music as Daniel parties with the angels on what is his 18th Birthday.
A very special  little boy who will be missed always.
Happy 18th Birthday. Daniel loved & missed forever xx

Pictured Daniel with his little brother Aaron.

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