Saturday, April 25, 2015

Chirk Castle Wind & Rain

Through wind and pelting rain we battled to reach the castle. The weather decided to attack us with every element it could find.
Reaching the castle, we wandered through the highly decorative rooms to keep out of the rain. The children search the state rooms for toy wolves we found 12 in all.
Chirk Castle has to be one of favourite national trust property's. There is a vast amount to keep you occupied throughout your visit. 
The woodland walks were closed today because of the high winds that were battering the British Isles.
We explored the surroundings we found ourselves in. Sitting for a short while we watch an intriguing cini movie. The fun, had by the families who lived in the castle was really good. Snow covered castle lands with sledges pulled by the ponies that were stabled at the castle. Although the old film was black and white it was a interesting lesson on history for the little people  we had with us.
To warm the old bones before we left we headed to the quaint coffee shop. Following the stone walls through chainbours we finally found a place to rest and chat for a short while.
After putting the world to rights it was time to head off home. All in all the wind and rain didn't stop play.

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