Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Snowdrop Blossom

Its the start of spring. Flower buds are peering through the ground but high on the hills the last touch of snow is sprinkled all around. We are between two seasons, the sun is waking up the ground around us soon the cold of winter will leave us behind. The start of the wonderful colours of spring are beginning to show, as you can see from the photographs on this blog.
Over the last few weeks the first flowers of the year have been sprouting. The snow drop is in full bloom, if you look around the countryside the mass of these little white flowers carpets many a woodland, hill or garden.
We visited Chirk Castle gardens in the early days of March. It had been a cold night which developed into the most beautiful of days. With the camera in hand and sketch book in bag off we went to explore the gardens of this beautiful castle. It was a stop start journey this day as we took in the most wonderful sights, sugar coated mountains giving way to the fresh spring grass below.
Today the gardens were just beautiful. The snowdrop garden was still open, we were delighted to see the blankets of flower still littering the ground all around. The sun shone above, it managed to shine through the trees in the woodland leaving a spiral of sunlight trailing down. The trees lite up in a ray of colours as the sunlight hit the bark and the branches above.
Wandering on to the open fields, on the bank above the moat the view was extra spectacular today. The sky was blue, the air still had a touch of chill in it. Looking out towards the open fields you could see for miles and miles. Looking at the map, we followed the pointers of the different land marks in the distance. Without having to strain our eyes so many could be seen today. Looking  far out towards the left clearly in the distance the shape of the Pennies could be seen against the skyline. The views today took your breath away.
Now and then we stopped to sketch the odd shape within the garden, I have yet to put the colours onto my picture. Its been a long  time since I put pencil to paper but it was a really enjoyable experience.
Time went ever so quickly, we ended up a little late. As they say time flies when your having fun. Anyway what is time when your happily enjoying yourself.
Chirk Castle I would recommend any time of the year .

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