Saturday, February 14, 2015


Valentine's Day
Is a wonderful way
To make "I love you"
Easy to say.

Love comes through the eyes that see

And through the ears that hear,
For people are quite beautiful,
And words make feelings clear.

Love comes through the hands that touch
With unabashed affection,

For only skin-to-skin can love
Maintain its true direction.

Love comes through the tastes and smells
Of fresh and well-cooked food,

For in the gift of nourishment
Is much else that is good.

But though love comes through senses five,
Love comes from the heart,

For there resides the greater love
Of which ours is a part.


Well I do hope you have all woken today with a lovely present from your loved one. I certainly have with a lovely box of yummy chocolates and a designer pen in a little case, which I can use in my writing journalist course ( I must say I am up to module 7 now over half way through. ) Really exciting at this new venture of mine. 
The card I received brought a little tear to my eye. 

We have got a lot to look forward to this year. like a trip away somewhere I have always wanted to go. Lots of concerts booked. Lots of days out to look forward to.  I can't  spill the beans on any of it as it would spoil the surprise for another blog entry. 

Our house is full of love and affection a great place to be these days. Today is a very special day for us, Simon and I have been together for many years now. Its been a tough ride with Simon being diagnosed with cancer early in our relationship. The main thing though is we stick together like glue. Riding the storm together. Life is great for us despite the little misgivings of a disease called cancer. We live each day as it comes with so much to look forward to. I am so happy to have found a special person to spend my life with. The house is full of laughter its not a place for depression anymore. My two angels I always feel are with me, they are at home here safe in the walls of this home.

Today is also a special day for us a double celebration. Aaron is spreading his wings and is about to fly. I am so proud of him. All will be revealed later today with regards to Aaron.  He is on a course at this very moment learning yet another skill.
He has done some of his GCSE`s all ready passing with A*  Maths and distinctions in IT, the rest of his exams in the coming months.  His last school report was amazing A`s, * and levels 1 throughout . There wasn't a bad word said about him a modal pupil. It nice to know I have brought up a very confident, outgoing child. 
The world is his oyster. His aim is to go into medicine eventually. He has spoken to Oxford university already, so only time will tell of what will become of that. His achievements to date are amazing. 
This is one son that would make any parent proud of.

Anyway watch this space for an announcement later today. I think the tears will flow later with happiness not sadness anymore. I think a toast and a take away later will be a fitting treat for this occasion.

All smiles at Penybont Stores :)

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