Friday, February 20, 2015

Beautiful Sky's

Sitting at the top of a hill can be a magical experience here in Wales. 
Looking at the countryside around you, rolling hills, clusters of tree`s, rambling brooks and many animals grazing near and far. Its just wonderful to see.
Taking time to chill, lay back and enjoy the sun setting in the sky towards the west. The colours are vibrant bright blue purples, light reds and baby pinks. 
The sun then reaches the horizon and tipples over the edge of the far away mountains away to the other side of the world. 
As the darkness falls around you the last light of the day sends quivers through your body as you look out, seeing the shadows spring to life as the water ripples before you. 
Dancing figure`s are wild in the woodland clusters. A fox comes up from its den takes a huge yawn, as this is his daytime whilst we sleep. He wander`s off looking for some food. 
The tweeting of the birds as they settle for the night, the chirping makes you feel as if they are arguing, squabbling for room in the nest. 
Spring time is coming our way. 
The chicken coups are bustling as the hens head in to roost, safely in their houses. A slam of a hen house door keeps them safe in the houses for the night time as it comes forth.
A shiver comes over your body as the temperature drops after the setting of the sun. Its time to leave and head in doors another day is done. 
Next time you see darkness start to fall after a crisp sunny day take a moment or two and head outside. 
Look into the sky, take a deep breath. You will see how lucky you are to be alive.
Sweet dreams my friends.

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