Thursday, December 25, 2014

A Present For Daniel This Christmas

It will be 7 years this year since we lost precious  little Daniel. We usually sponsor the two RDA ponies Daniel used to ride but sadly Teddy passed away and then Homer. As we have always said Clywd Special Riding Centre gave Daniel some of the most happy times in his life and me some of the best most precious memories. He, like I still do just love this place. To see special children smile and shine whilst riding these wonderful ponies is second to none. Everyone there is just wonderful. 
I have been brave and been back there since but each time I find myself in floods of tears, many of the staff feel that way too. Even now after all these years we are always welcomed.
This year was special it is my legacy to Daniel to help support the centre's hard work. We went up to choose two new ponies to sponsor. 
I had heard of one particular one from one of Daniels side walkers Gemma previous. Gemma to me about big Erik. She said I would fall in love with him well she wasn't far wrong. As soon as I saw him I fell head over heels in love with this huge gentle giant. Daniel would have loved him, I knew I would have to take into account how old Daniel would have been now, his size etc. Well Erik was defiantly one of the ones we wanted to adopt. Erik was stunning 16 Hand high black gelding just gorgeous. He towered above me Dan would have been at the age were it would have been quite possibly riding Erik now. So one down one to go.
I was pondering for quite some time unsure which one to choose next. It was so hard they are all so adorable. We wandered around  the Christmas Fair and walked to the fields to see the other ponies.
Eventually  after much thought we decided to go for a smaller pony. In the end we chose Bryn. Bryn is quite similar to Teddy a little chestnut with a white blaze to his face. Teddy although was a little dun gelding.
The deed was done Eve took us to the office where we adopted the two ponies and gave a donation in Daniels name.
The day didn't stop there Eve gave me a DVD which had clips of Daniel smiling and laughing at the camera riding little Teddy. A DVD I will treasure for always.
Happy Christmas  to my two boys in Heaven. Daniel & Callum,  Dancing amongst the stars and partying with the angels. XXXX
Also in remembrance of my dad who died 25 years ago on Christmas  morning love to you all 
Also thinking of all my other family, friends and animals that are also in Heaven miss you all xxxx  

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