Thursday, June 19, 2014

Wandering Around Erddig

There is nothing more pleasurable than wandering around a National Trust property on a sunny summer day. 
Today our visit took us to Erddig. Erddig is situated on the outskirts of Wrexham, the house is surrounded by the most beautiful park land estate. There is such a mass of wildlife life within the grounds. 
Whilst heading down one of the driveways that leads to the property we came across a mass of squirrels in front of us. These little creatures were everywhere I have never seen so many all at once, we stopped for a minute or two just to watch them.
After parking up we headed into the grounds of the house. Here you step back in time to discover the way of life during the early years of the last century. It doesn't take long to realise that life was busy for this household.
Walking through the house you see how busy the maids and servants would have been the back stairway is a little steep those poor maids would have been up and down them all the time. 
The National Trust have now changed the exit and entrance by reversing them. It was a little confusing going backwards but it was nice not having to follow a set route it was a more relaxing walk around the property. The house is truly beautiful a pleasure to explore.
After finishing our tour of the main quarters we glimpsed the servants quarters, bedrooms in the attic rooms and full kitchen`s on the lower floors along with the butlers room which holds all the silver. The kitchens, scullery and the huge was rooms show how hard the servants would have worked. Carbolic soap and cold water during the winter months does not bare thinking about.
Outside is the courtyard with tack room, stable and sheds to house the carts the horse would pull. Erddig has the advantage of you still being able to take a ride on a horse and cart. Today the horses where resting in the field for a well earned rest.
There is lots to see and do well worth a visit a fantastic educational experience for the younger generation.
The gardens are ever so pretty with well kept flower beds and a huge pond for our little friends the ducks.
There is a pretty orchard with a few bee hives. Remember bees hardly ever sting its wasps you have to watch. Within this area there is greenhouses with a wall of vine and a pretty garden at the back of the book shop and courtyard to the side of the main house.
We stopped off to have lunch at the restaurant before heading off back home. Now completely worn out after a lovely visit to Erddig.

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