Saturday, June 14, 2014

Picnic With The Dragonfly`s

We found such a pretty place last Thursday to stop off for a picnic. Sitting on a bench by a lovely pond we watched as the colourful little dragonfly`s went about there daily business. The were pretty colours of ruby red and bright blue, fluttering from leaf to leaf as fast as their little wings would take them. 
They hovered too lowering their long body`s with see through wings over even to smallest of landing spots a blade of grass. It was not easy to get a picture of these pretty little things.
To the front of us was a delightful pond ever so pretty with is lush reeds on the banks and water plants and wild flowers in a ray of spring to summer colours. The fresh grass was a deep green you could see it was new growth. The tree`s stood tale only a short distance from the pond their leaves a mass of green with the sun twinkling through.  
The sounds of the countryside around us echoed in the air. The tweets and chirps of the nesting birds, the distant sound of a small waterfall trickling down the slight incline, I would not call it a hill and the sound of the buzzing bee taking his nectar from the wild flowers. A peaceful place to relax and have a spot of lunch.
Afterwards we headed to the Derwen Garden Centre in Guilsfield for a browse around the quaint little shop with some of the most gorgeous stuff ever to be seen. Before leaving for home a glass of juice to refresh and quench our sun drenched bodies. What a lovely few hours out within the tranquil valleys of Mid Wales

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