Monday, June 2, 2014

Hay on Wye - The Town Of Books

Certainly Hay On Wye is a little different, nestled on the borders of Wales this is a little town with cobbled streets and hidden hideaway. The town is rife with quirky bookshops with wooden floors that creak when you walk in. There are many passageways to explore in the bookshops with rooms used up the stairs and down. Old property of the spooky kind.
There are so many book shops to look at all a little different all with plenty of character  and charm. Books range from your everyday reading of fantastic fiction to old books full of enchanting words. 
I personally found them quite fascinating to explorer.
The town is old with a lovely clock tower, which can not be missed as it towers above you as you wander the streets. High above stands the old castle, here and as you wander up to the ruins you can find many street stalls, all with character of their own. Its a place for wandering, for relaxing and chilling out in fact with a very new age feel. Amongst the books I found many relating to spells and witchcraft, along with creative book and history from near to far. I really enjoy visited this lovely little town. There are many shops to explore down little alley ways selling all sorts of wears, from local crafts to records of old. A collectors paradise.
If your hungry, there is a lovely little chip shop, but also quaint little tea shops along with a few pubs to choose from. A relaxing day out for all.

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