Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Countryside Stroll At Home

There is nothing like a gentle stroll in the summer sunshine. The warmth of the sun feels so lovely on sore bones. Aaron and Reggie came along to. We walked through the freshly cut fields after they where harvest for the winter fodder. The sun shone down and the smell of freshly cut grass filled the air. Aaron enjoyed his walk as most of the time he is off on his runs. I have christened him the new Forest Gump. Aaron is training for the Yorkshire 3 Peak challenge this coming September. He is taking part in the challenge to raise money for combat stress. Jason one of Simon`s step-son`s friends is organising the run. Aaron will need a guardian for the so Simons Step Son Jack or Jason himself will be doing their duty for the day stepping in as a guardian for the day for Aaron due to his age he will be the youngest member of the party doing the 3 peaks. We are looking for sponsors for Aaron so  during August he will be out collecting for his challenge. So all those out there please put your hands in your pockets to support Aaron on his up and coming quest.

Our house in the picture the tall black and white topped one 

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