Thursday, May 1, 2014

The Chat It,s Fate Mentor Test

Recently I did the mentor test in the Chat It's Fate  magazine.
So what kind of legend was I ?
Well I scored The Faerie.
Many of us think of fairies as an adorable winged creature that hide away amongst the flowers.
This idea of the beautiful fairy was created by the Victorians.
Our pagan ancestors knew that although fairies are indeed charming they are also mischievous. 
Fairies are also very dangerous when crossed.
As I got the fairy as my mentor.  This is what it says about me .....
I adore dancing but can be shy. This maybe true I do love to dance around with the hoover.
You love fiercely.  Yes I found my true soul mate in my hubby Simon.
It goes on to say ... I can connect with these powerful elemental spirits by sitting within a faerie ring. It could be a natural one or one man made. You should do this at sunrise if possible.  We do have a natural faerie ring on the front garden. Also a man made one within the chicken pen. Very strange for me to get the fairy mentor. This fascinating creatures have always interested me.
Once in the fairy ring at sunrise close your eyes and say
" Faerie Queen although unseen,  come to me when next I dream, Sing me songs, tell tales galore and share your gifts for evermore. "
Magical being's the fairies.

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