Monday, May 26, 2014

Suzie The Naughty Chicken

Suzie chicken just look at that face ` Cheeky or What ` 
Meet Suzie chicken, she is one of our laying hens.  We have had our chickens for over a year now. This little lady above and below has developed a real character over the last few months. All the other ladies try to behave themselves always kept in check by Buster & Red the two cockerels. Little Suzie totally ignores her superior masters. She had learnt to fly. She sits on the post tops watching what is going on around her. She has to be the nosiest chicken I have ever come across. If she is not watching what's going on she is off up the field exploring. 
When its dinner time she seams to no, she sits on the wall watching us making the dinner up. If she could speak it would be " Hurry Up". She is the naughtiest chicken ever. 
I was dive bombed on the driveway recently, I rustled Jingle`s hex ball with pony nuts inside. Jingle is our miniature Stallion. Suzie chicken came flying over the wall onto the drive to see what was going on. I thought the dog Reg was going to have an extra dinner. She strutted her stuff around the drive not giving a stuff there was a big hairy dog out there. She watched as Jingle played with his hex ball. The hex ball is a hexagon shaped ball you fill with pony nuts. Your pony can them chase the ball around as he moves it some nuts fall out for him to munch, his reward. Its a great toy to keep him occupied.
This mad daft chicken then watched as Reg the dog played football, just wandering around without  a care. Eventually getting bored she flew back over into the chicken pen. She is fearless, but just looking at the photographs of her you can see in her eyes the inquisitive look she has. I am fairly sure this young lady lays the white eggs. Off course she lays everyday. Eggs our for sale outside our house most days throughout the summer. They are always fresh as we have an excellent turn over selling out most of the time. The eggs our delicious. I have even started making the odd cake  now and then. We sell the eggs for £1 for 6, or £2 for 12 (dozen ).  
Our pet hens and cockerels are so funny to watch, very happy birds that roll in the earth and never stop foraging for whatever they can find in the earth. They are a pleasure to just sit and watch. We love them all, they all have so much character but Suzie chicken stands out from the rest for a different reason she is different. A bird with a unique character the nosiest chicken I have ever met. 

Little Suzie, the naughty chicken 

Suzie chicken with Mr Jingles in the background 

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