Friday, February 28, 2014

The Poultry Sale

What a racket  clucking, honking and quaking ringing in the ears.
Oswestry showground is not holding a few sales throughout the year selling lovely featherd egg laying friend's.
We headed down for a look.
Simon loves his featherd harem of ladies They follow us around and wait eagerly at the gate for thier fodder.
It was an interesting morning, out at the sales even though we came home with a headache.  The auctioneer had his work cut out with many lots to get through.  The noise was intense with cockerials crowing in the background. 
The cages held some beautiful birds even some eligible for show standard.
Maybe next time its on we may get a number so we can add to our brood of chicken's. At the moment we sell out of eggs very quickly. Most of the time to there orderd even before they have laid thd eggs.
Recently the chickens escaped from there pen although they are allowed into the main field. 
Poor Mr Jingles was harrassed they cluckies took over his stable squatting.  Poor Mr Jingles was evicted he looked quite forlorn.
The cluckies clucked around the stable looking for insects. They are so funny.
Mr Jingles was recently given a hex ball by one of my lovely friends Bekii. You fill the ball with pony nuts then give it to your pony so they can movd it about. Whereas pony nuts fall out and they recieve a treat. Watching Mr Jingles with the ball is so funny. You watch a pony playing football.
Anyway the Poultry auctions are run by Roger Parry & partners who are based in Oswestry. There number id 01691 655334.
You are also able to have a trade stand. If you would like one of these you can call Andy on 01691 657178
It would be  a good idea for them to hold a car boot sale to coincide with the auction sales.

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