Sunday, February 23, 2014

Lake Vyrnwy : The Water Cascade

Its rained its poured recently so a trip to the dam a Lake Vyrnwy was a must. Approaching the dam the gushing of water was apparent. The scene that lay in front of us was amazing and truly spectacular. Water was pouring through the dam into the rivers below. Gallons and gallons by the second. 
We are lucky to live within a few short miles of this wonderful place. The road around the Lake stretches for approximately 13 miles. You can walk or cycle it, I have cycled around  it in the past but sadly these days my joints are not well enough to do this. The scenery around the lake is beautiful there are many stopping points which allow you to stop take a walk, watch the birds or take some fantastic photographs of the lake or the dam in the distance. There are many fairy tale waterfall around the lake which trickle down the mountain sides glistening in the sunshine. Why not take a picnic and chill out on a sunny Sunday. I have always referred to Lake Vyrnwy as : "The little piece of Canada within Wales". This being with its tall pine trees and sun beaming through the tree mirroring images across the lake. 
Lake Vyrnwy is steeped in history being a made made lake to serve as a reservoir for Liverpool. Its an ideal place to take the children on an adventure which is also a excellent educational experience.

On the opposite side of the dam from where the above photograph was taken you can find delightful coffee shops,  a tea room, the RSPB shop, bird hides and dainty little local craft shops. There is a larger car park which his in layers going down into the Valley here you can take a stroll through the sculpture park along the gravel paths. The park is at the base of the dam and on days like this the water cascade is amazing. Lake Vyrnwy has to be one of the most beautiful places in Wales we in the Tanat Valley are so lucky to have it on our doorstep. 

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