Friday, January 31, 2014

Wishing Well

There is something so magical about a Wishing Well. The thought of an underground world living and breathing under the world we live in. Making a wish and your dreams coming true. 
We are lucky enough to have a real wishing well on our land. 
The well itself is covered up at present with a manhole cover. One day I intend to build it back up again to its true glory with a pump leading to the water so that we can use the water.
The cover has been off a few times to reveal something from the past. The well is about 10ft wide. But built in a circle of old stone. It is stunning to look at a proper old wishing well that you see on a rare occasion these days. 
There is also a scare factor of the hidden treasure on the land at Penybont Stores. The water is as clear as day you can seen beyond the bottom into the world under the well. The scare factor is that once it was measured the drop to the water was 20ft at the time although I think with all this rain the water may be up to the top at this rate. but the water itself at the time was 10ft deep. It was rather a fright at the time when there was small children about. in total the stone built well is approx 30ft deep. One day the magical well will be built up with matching stone, a roof on top, not forgetting the bucket on the rope. Wishing in the well may your dreams come true.

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