Saturday, January 18, 2014

Sunrise In December

I always wake up early in the morning. Some may say you mad women what about a lie in. Well some do say this in our house ! But if you do not have early morning you miss some of the wonderful pleasures in life which are Free. The skies some morning are so very pretty. Of course we also have the pleasure of living in one of the most beautiful parts of the United Kingdom ` The Tanat Valley`. Through out the week I am up before dawn breaks. I work early in the morning`s one of my jobs during the day is breakfast club at school. Over the past couple of months it the break of dawn is around the time I leave for the first job of the day. Driving up to school the whole valley is alive with colour. Many times the skys have been a blast of pinks reds and blues. Mist hovers over the river in the valley as the sun hits the hills above golden browns. The valley is truly stunning. The birds also come alive early on. Buzzards swoop along with the crows but more and more often there is the odd glimpse of the red kite swooping down from the hill tops. I love photography but being such a dizzy blonde I never remember to take my camera along withe me. I rely on the camera on my galaxy phone to do the job of taking the pictures for me. There not as good as my clicky camara. One day may be one day I will remember. For all you people that like a lie in just maybe once get up early and go and watch the sun rise its an amazing world we live in when you look around. Sunset is just as glorious and the moon. I get so much pleasure from life just looking up at the worlds above the moon is truly amazing especially when its full. I huge ball of brightness lighting up the night sky. Cornwall on the west coast is one of the nicest places to see the sunset. Many years ago my boys and I stayed in our VW camper on a sight just north of Lands End. I still remember taking the boys to the top of the cliffs to watch the sun set over the horizon. Still to this day I do not know how I managed to push Daniel across the fields to watch this.  I have vowed to go back again one day. Its the magic of our planet and its pure beauty. The skys relax you and let your mind drift to dream land.

December Skies 

As the morning mist rises and the sky begins to clear.
The first sunrise of December excitingly appears.
Angry skies then follow in red pink and blues.
The morning birds then hollow chirping loudly as they flew.
As darkness begins to fade the sky lites up above.
With such beautiful colours 
That I do really love.

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