Friday, January 17, 2014

Cheshire Oaks The Onsie Only

Recently we visited Cheshire Oaks nr Ellesmere Port. We all had a bit of pocket money from Christmas so as the January sales hit off we trotted to look for some bargains. Helen and I got a few bits and bobs.
One of my favourite shops is Next I love the stuff in their but it is often to expensive for my purse. Looking through the sale rail I came across an item which would take my breath away it was a onsie. The onsie was a little different. It was a big fluffy Polar Bear. My little eyes lit up it was a fraction of the full price. I also got a pair of sheep sleepers to go with the fluffy warming microwavable boots Aaron had bought me for Chritsmas. I was thrilled with my finds came home one happy lady.
Aaron managed to find the things he wanted so he was full of smiles too. A happy day had by all.
On  the way home as we approached Llangollen we found the road bocked and a police presence. Sadly we later heard a lady had fallen from the by pass. It was a sad end to a nice day.
Back to the onsie it is fantastic wonderfully warm on a cold night. Great for snuggling up and chilling out. I seamed to have caused a trend in our house we now all have one. of course mine is the best Miss Polar Bear has arrived in the village.

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