Monday, November 4, 2013

Such A Proud Mum

Aaron has  achieved loads over the last few months.
During the summer he attended the Army Cadet Forces annual camp. The camp took place at Longmoor Training Camp Longmoor nr Liss Hampshire. The cadets are offered a wide range of activities from first aid to field craft shooting water sports life survival skills leadership skills biking rock climbing abseiling  plus lots more. The also go on a 48 or 96 hour field exercise camping out in make shift tents and living off ration packs. He had a wonderful time coming home exhausted.
He was chosen to represent Wales as part of the army shooting team. I am proud to say he received his Welsh colours.
He has also come home with a range of certificates for shooting map reading and other achievement's. He passed his Bronze in Navigation.
The cadets often are away on exercise to Cwrt-y-Gollen nr Crickhowell. This is the head quarters for the cadets in Powys. Its a bit of a name to pronounce so it is known as CYG. The cadets offer so much for the children offering so many skills it is well worth joining if able. Aaron is now nearly a two star corporal on going doing his three star. He has over taken some of his peers due to his commitment and determination to achieve and complete any task that is placed on front of him.
He has also achieved his Bronze Silver and Gold in swimming for his life saving skills bringing a temporary end to his childhood swimming achievements.
In karate Aaron has passed his foundation level one for teaching karate. He is now an assistant teacher at a local class as well as still keeping up with his own achievement's within the sport. Aaron has also now passed his Brown belt which makes him a Brown 1st Dan. This is just fantastic.  Tear`s were welling in Gareth`s eye`s, as he handed him his belt one proud teacher as well as one proud mum.
There us certainly no stopping this young man his portfolio of achievement's is expanding fast making me a proud mum. 

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