Sunday, November 3, 2013

Sizergh Castle : The Lakes

Sizergh castle has been the home of the Strickland family for over 750 years. The house is still lived in by the family to thus day.
Sizergh is an intriguing house with many a tale to tell.
The gardens are rich with colour. With many a fairy dell in place and an enchanting little waterfall. A place you can easily let your imagination run free.
The kitchen garden is just like something out of a Beatrix Potter book with many a veg a rabbit who love to steal from under your nose. A delightful chicken coupe stands in the corner of a well established orchard. With bee hives adjacent to the entrance.
Moving on it is equally delightful to explore the rest of the grounds with hidden away secret gardens and a huge pond sitting central with Lilly pads which any passing frog would be delighted to make his home.
The wonderful views of the surrounding countryside can be seen for miles you can also walk across the countryside of open fields and ancient woodland which surround the estate. Rangers maps can be found in the shop.
The grounds are full of wildlife for you to explore with views reaching as far as the Lakeland fells and Morecambe Bay.
There is also a delightful wooden style lodge tearoom where the shop and main entrance to the estate is also to be found.
The inside of the castle is just as intriguing with object old and new around every corner. You can also find some hidden treasures in the house exhibition room at the end of the tour.
The house / castle is quite unique as it is still lived in an used by the family.
Sizergh Castle was  pleasure to visit. Next time I would like to explore a little further around this estate.
The house is owned by the National Trust on agreement that the family are allowed to live there. A little piece of English history.

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