Friday, November 1, 2013

Mouse Moves House

 Hi my name is Bubble and this here is my wife Squeak. Am going to tell you the tale of how we came to move house?
I remember the morning well. Squeak and I were starting to settle down in our cosy nest for a nice rest after dodging a hungry owl during the night whilst scurrying through the bramble after feasting on berries which had fallen to the ground.

As we settled sleepy eyes closing fast a load noise made us suddenly wake with a start.
At first I thought it was a dream as the roof was lifted off our warm cosy nest. Another whoosh into the air we went. I found myself tumbling downwards into a pile of dust. Our nest no more. Panic took over were was squeak. I  began to panic. I scurried about looking for my life long mate.
I could hear a faint sound as Squeak tried to call for help.

Using my small paws I dug fast flicking the soil out of the way. At last there she was my Squeak.
The sound of the big yellow monster draw nearer. A huge scoop began to pour yet more dust our way.
The though of us being buried alive again made us take to heel and run for the bushes. At last we reached safety.

I climbed up the bush so I could see a little more. There wasn't just one big yellow monster but 3 - 4 more working in the distance. Reaching Squeak again I realised our home was gone. Sadness filled our hearts and wet tears ran down into our whiskers. Our time as town mice had gone it was time to move into the country. 

It had been a while but I had seen those yellow monsters before working the land it was not long after that these tall places came to be and people moved in scurrying about there business.
It was sad to say but it was time to move to pastures new.
It was not going to be an easy journey be it was one we must do.

After days of our travels we wandered into a pretty place through fairy glen with plenty of berries nuts and other woodland fruits a mouse could feast on we decided to make this place our home.

We made our nest under a huge log collecting twigs bits of cotton fluff from the twiddle bush. Once it was finished it was fit for a king. This time though our home came with an outside garden. 
Just outside the wood was a old castle ruin. It was surrounded by a watery moat with lush bulrushes and healthy green leaves. It was an ideal place for squeak and I to spend our long summer days. Watching the ducks on the moat and the different people tooing and frowing into and out of the castle walls. Some I must say were dressed ever so strangely.
This was to be our home for the rest of our lives. Over the coming year Squeak and I had our family six in all. Our children grew and had family's of our own. One was even brave enough to set his home within the castle walls next to the pigeons who had also made there home within the east tower. 

Nowadays as we grow older day by day. We have visits from our grandchildren. Watching them brings a tear to my eye. I never thought I would say it but those big yellow monsters that destroyed our home did us a huge favour
I suppose the moral of this story is something good can come out of something bad.

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