Monday, November 4, 2013

Barmouth - Bala V dubs Day Out

A few short weeks ago we headed off down to Barmouth in the old VW. It was a beautiful day sun beaming down. At the seaside we were surprised to see how many people we came across we new. It seemed half of Llangedwyn had decided to pay a visit that day, we bumped into at least four families. 
We had a lovely afternoon, crab fishing at the harbour off course putting the little pinching blighters back in safe and sound. We also wandered around the shops and entered a delightful little tea room. A trip to Barmouth is never complete without a walk across the sandy beach. I watched some of the children from school building sand castles and paddling in the sea.
Time as normal went ever so quickly it was soon time for us to head home. On the way back we stopped at Bala Lake. It was such a beautiful day Simon took this fab photograph of my beloved VW  and me. What a wonderful day :)  she says with a smile.

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