Friday, January 4, 2013

The Hobbit

What a fantastic film  it may have been on at the Odean Cinema for over two and a half hours but I never fell asleep so this must have been good. 
We have been hoping to see this film for a long while but we were waiting to watch it will little Hobbit Hollie but sadly we have not had the time or energy to catch up with the little lass, the holiday`s have gone so incredibly fast. 
Well the film was really good its gets a huge 
10 out of 10 form all of us. We will be looking forward to seeing the sequel to it at the end of the year.  Ten **********

Bilbo Baggins is a hobbit. He lives a comfortable, rather self-satisfied life. While sitting outside on a sunny May morning he is visited by Gandalf the wizard. He invites Gandalf to tea next day but in fact 13 dwarves arrive as well as Gandalf, all expecting food and lodging.
Bilbo is not pleased, but hearing the dwarves sing of their lost treasure, and their desire to find it again he is almost persuaded to go along with them. This is Gandalf's plan - to recruit Bilbo to become their 'burglar' and help steal back the dwarf treasure from Smaug the dragon who drove them from their home under the Lonely Mountain and took their treasure.
Bilbo Baggins now goes on an adventure with the dwarves and Gandalf. He faces many dangers on the way. You have to watch and read the books for the rest of the adventure.....................................................................

The Hobbit Official Trailer :-

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