Friday, January 18, 2013

Snow Place Like Home Part 1

Well we all have had such a wonderful time today in the snow. This morning we all woke up to a wonderful white world outside. The snow came down thick and fast. The ground became thicker and thicker with snow we have had a good 6" plus. 
Mr Jingles has been in quite a frisky mood for most of the day, prancing around the filed jumping rolling and chasing the dogs. At his dinner time Aaron and I bedded him down with lots more fluffy straw in a bed so deep, I felt like curling up in their as well. His hay nets are now full and is his feed bucket. His tummy will be lovely and full for the sub zero temperatures tonight.
The dogs, another pair all excited like a couple of young kids. Fred bounced about, rubbed himself all about in the snow. He found it quite difficult to waddle through the snow as it was nearly as deep as his own body.
As for Mr Reginald, he was just loving it, jumping around wanting to spend all the time outside in the fluffy white snow. He was just so excited.
Later early afternoon we decided to go for a stroll through the snow and to go sledging. We headed up the back fields behind the house, Aaron with sledge in hand. We had a fab time Aaron up the hills sledging down them faster and faster. Other times he rolled again reaching some speed complete mad boy he is.
The dogs again had lots of fun jumping about trying to run in the snow which up there was again quite thick. There are a few action shots within these photographs of my lovable son sneaking up behind me and taking me for a tumble in the snow. Naughty Boy although they may not be in order sequence. 
The views around us are spectacular at the moment as you can see. This is the joy of living in the Tanat Valley each season winter, spring, summer and autumn brings  joys, beauty  and stunning views whatever time of year it is. Hope you enjoy the photograph`s. 

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