Saturday, June 4, 2011

Sailing ........... Bala Lake

Recently Aaron had a wonderful day out sailing on Bala Lake along with his friend Callum. We met up with out friends and our dogs.

Aaron was kitted out then, off like a rocket for his sailing experience on thelake. He really enjoyed himself, as did we all. A big thanks you to Malcom for inviting us along.

Aaron is growing up fast into a remarkable young man. He is doing excellent at school with reports to make us proud. He has also been put on an EEP ( extended educational plan ). He has been labeled at school as a more gifted more able, and talented pupil. This will see Aaron placed in the top streams when the pupils are streamed at the end of yr 7.

He is a young man I am extremely proud of. His life hasnt been easy at times, with all the trouble and strife he has been through throughout his 12 yrs. But this young man has amazed everyone with his talents. WELL DONE !

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