Monday, June 20, 2011

Duck Race & Fathers Day

Soaked after a dip in the river catching ducks.!

With Jude our very good friend.

We had a lovely evening out at the annual duck race and barbecue at Llangedwyn Mill for more photo`s please visit .

Father`s Day

Aaron had a surprise for his step dad Simon on father`s day. He had bought him a card all by himself from funky pigeon. On the front was the Stig and wording Simon`s is the Stig, as Simon is a an avid fan of Top Gear along with Aaron. Aaron also bought him a DVD to add to his massive collection. Simon is a wonderful dad, he has 4 step children, 2 of his own and now off course Aaron. All the children ( well most are adults are lovely ). He has done a wonderful job bringing them up. Aaron is a welcome little brother by them all they call him the little bro. Later in the afternoon we had a roast dinner with Simon`s older lad Nathan and his wife who is expecting her first baby shortly. Nathan and Laura call us Nannie and Grandad although I protest as I am too young to be a Nannie LOL !

As the day began though we headed to the car boots Chirk and then on to a little village boot sale Llandrinio. Picking up some wonderful bargains, Aaron thought it was Christmas. He go a set of children`s golf clubs, loads of x box games and a new telescope. Aaron loves to look at the stars. So I spotted this new telescope in a box which looked slightly bigger than the one he has already. I thought it would fit nicely on his window ledge. Simon went to his room to set it up. After a while he gave me a shout.

Walking in it was massive there was no way it would fit on his window ledge let alone in his bedroom. It turned out to be a professional one what a bargain with lots of different lens and space to place a camera it was a fantastic piece of equipment. It now has pride of place in the very top bedroom where we can all see far out into the universe.

All in all we all had a wonderful weekend. It`s lovely to see a man in Aaron`s life who is worthy to be called a father.

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