Sunday, June 26, 2011

Bon Jovi LIVE

What an incredible night out, Off to see Bon jovi at Old Trafford Cricket Ground. Heading up to the ground we passed Manchester Utd`s ground. I talked to Aaron about Sir Matt Busby and the Busby babes as we passed the memorial to the players that died that fateful night in Germany.
Heading on we reached the cricket ground. The mass of people was incredible. Once inside it became clear the grounds people had messed up big time building the disabled ramped platform over our seats. We were taken to the office for replacement tickets. Well it became a bit of a shock as our tickets were replaced with VIP tickets next to the stage! ( been called all the jammy buggers under the sun by all my friends ) after becoming up close and personal with the hansom Jon Bon Jovi.
Aaron was so excited Bon Jovi are one of his favourite bands he was in his element. We sang and boogied to all the songs especially the last one LIVING ON A PRAY the crowd erupted. It was FANTASTIC ! Bra`s and knickers were thrown onto the stage by the crazed fan`s one girl went top less to the delight of all the surrounding men including Aaron !
We this surely was a night to remember for all of us.

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