Tuesday, April 19, 2011

West Midlands Safari Park

A lovely warm sunny day saw us heading to the West Midlands Safari Park. We saw many creatures all hot and bothered due to the abnormally hot weather. We got some really good close ups of some of the animals as you can see from the photographs. Driving around we saw quite a few cars that had broken down as the traffic was slow going.
We got some really good photo`s of the Rhino and the Elephants. After to tour of the park we settled down for our picnic.
Afterwards we headed into the park looking around we entered the bat cave ( seeing the wonderful but unusual creature the eyeeye ) We also had a look around the aquarium and the reptile house. Other animals we saw were the sealions and hippo`s.
The new part of the park houses the Lemar's. These are small money like creatures, they have quite a large encloser and you can walk amongst them.
The rides were every busy so we decided to go on them next time we go as we have a free return ticket which we will use near the winter.

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