Sunday, April 24, 2011

Cadbury World

After visiting the hospital in Birmingham with Simon. We then headed off to the nearby Cadbury World for a day with a difference.
We wandered around the complex which was a lot bigger than we thought. There was a huge children's play area and a marquee which housed a comedy act.
You have to book your tours to certain area,s, as our time approached we headed to start the tour.
Wandering around the tour starts by telling you how the company was founded. You then go into two simulators.
Both of these are different one has side effects. After wandering further around the tour you reach the factory area. Here you can see parts of the factory in the working environment packing and processing.
Next you queue up to go on the ride. Here you go on a little car ride around imagination land built of chocolate something out off Willy Wonka. Fab.
Free chocolate is given out all around the tour including melted chocolate. Sure we put on a stone in weight as we wandered around.
Next is essence here as in Willy Wonka you create your own chocolate ideas and get to eat it. Delicious
Outside you can visit the older parts of the factory. These include the old houses that were given to the workers many years ago. Cadbury looked after its workers creating an Cadbury village.
We had a lovely amazing day out here that was very interesting

After are visit we headed over to Hattie & Dave,s here we all went out for tea to a local pub before heading home.

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