Thursday, February 24, 2011

Walk Through The Valley

Recently Aaron & I took the dogs on a few mile hike across the valley. We strolled along the lane`s field`s & bridleways, up and down hills. Across stream`s and a ford, through thick yucky mud along the way. The view`s from the top of the hills is fantastic, on some of the photographs our house can be seen in the distance. It`s the large cream coloured building set in the heart of our tiny village / hamlet.
Walking offers you relaxation and de-stresses the mind. we walked many miles this day.
Aaron had a funny turn when we caught a whiff of the chicken farm he heaved a little with the nasty smell from the chicken poo. We witnessed many animals, wildlife and birds along the way. From the common countryside sheep and cow`s, to the wonderful sight of buzzards and even a rear red kite. The Kite`s stand out due the sound of their call and the distinctive V in their tales. One flew directly over head of us. Kite`s have bee introduced back into the valley and can be seen on occasions. We also cam across a couple of horses and the usual pheasants and rabbit`s etc.
It was also nice to see the snowdrops out in the sunshine.
On our way back I rang Simon so he could walk down to meet us as we neared home. He is slowly gathering his strength back after his successful operation.
The dogs had a great time they came home rather mucky. Just as Aaron and I did.
We hope you enjoy the photographs below.

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