Saturday, November 27, 2010

Snowy Wales

Winter has come to Wales early, we have had a good lot of snow and its only November. Aaron was sent home from school Friday dinner time due to the sudden extreme weather condition.He spent the afternoon with his 2 Nana`s, sledging in the fresh fallen snow. The dogs also had a great time as you can see from the photo`s below. Unfortunately the cold has got to his Nana Dotty, we have had to have the doctor out over the weekend to her.
It is extremely cold here in Powys a record low throughout the UK was recorded in Powys over night 27th / 28th of November 2010 of - 10 c .
The heating is on, even the coal fire is lite, thanks to Simon becoming a Chimney Sweep for 1/2hr, and didn't he do a good job.
There is something about an open coal fire, were the coal embers burn and the wood crackles on the fire. It`s so very romantic.
The weather is expected to turn again over the next few days.Larry the landrover is now under a tarpaulin to keep the ice and snow off him as his services will probably be required shortly if the predictions that are forecast come true !!!!!

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