Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Chirk Castle

We had a lovely walk in the sunshine recently, we went on the hunting walk around Chirk Castle. the walk took us through woodland, along paths and across fields. The walk offers a vast portrait of the countryside, with wildlife, birds and history along the way. Unfortunately we came across a very sick little wild pony on our travels.
The pony was with the vet, he had been fitting possibly due to poisoning, it was hoped he would recover but he looked in a very bad way.
Wild boar and wild ponies have recently been re introduced into the countryside within the national trust boundaries.
One part of the walk takes you across the old Roman road.
After our walk we headed up to the castle, It was medieval weekend, Aaron had a good time dressing up in the costumes and looking at the props that had been supplied to enlighten the day. There were also soldiers on duty taking us back in time.
Before leaving we headed to the tea room for a well earned hot chocolate. All in all a lovely day apart from the poor sick pony.

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